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Thought.Leaders discussion – Melbourne

Really enjoyed this morning’s thought provoking Thought.Leaders discussion in Melbourne with @ThoughtSpot with Ajeet Singh, Cindi Howson and Glenda Crisp. Great to hear from the Co-founder and Executive Chairman Ajeet Singh and his vision for ThoughtSpot and how he’s seeking to improve analytics and adoption […]

Setting the External Access flag in a BEx Query

BEx External Query Flag Program

Lately, i’ve been involved in a number of projects where there is a requirement to analyse and report on SAP BW data, using external tools other than the Business Explorer (BEx) suite native to SAP BW. While some of these analytical reporting tools are non-SAP, […]

Memory cache

OLAP Cache Optimisation

Following on from my previous post on Performance tips, i’d like to expand on one aspect of improving reporting performance in SAP BW – exploiting the OLAP cache. The OLAP cache is standard functionality that is setup during a technical install of SAP BW. However, […]

Waiting - the circle of death

Reporting Performance Tips

I thought i’d start off the new year and my first blog post with a blast from the past.  Performance enhancing technologies such as in-memory analytics, including SAP’s Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA) have been available for some years now. SAP’s High Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA) […]