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Welcome to my site. I’m Campbell and I’m a Business Intelligence (BI) specialist focusing on SAP. I’m passionate about BI and the benefits and insight that it delivers to business. With just under a decade of industry experience, I’ve implemented BI systems in a variety of industries, countries and cultures. It’s a fascinating area and i’m driven to bring decision support systems closer to the people that they support.

I’m probably preaching to the converted here, but when deployed appropriately, a BI system is a powerful source of information and truth. However the flipside is, that when a BI environment is not deployed appropriately it’s a powerful source of dis-information and mistrust!

There are lots of pitfalls out there, however there are a lot of resources and communities to guide you on your BI journey, including consultants like me! It’s particularly exciting to see clients gain insight into data that may have previously seemed unimaginable. It’s all about competitive advantage nowadays and the question to ask is: Can your business afford not to have this insight when your competitors do?

Whilst Business Intelligence systems are not a new concept by any means (see ‘History of Datawarehousing’), the capabilities of the toolsets available today are extensive and perhaps a bit daunting to navigate too. Like any industry there’s a lot of hype around big themes – including ‘Mobile’, ‘Social’, ‘Unstructured’ and ‘in-memory’ BI.  There’s a wide range of technologies too – companies competing in this space vary from startups such as Yellowfin BI in Australia and Jedox’s Palo commerical open source OLAP, mid-tier players such as Qlikview and Actuate with it’s ‘Game changing’ BIRT software to the established ‘mega-vendor’ players such as SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microstrategy, SAS, Microsoft, etc… the list goes on. It’s a fascinating and continuously evolving area.

Welcome again to my site and let’s start the conversation!

NB: This is a personal site setup to share my ideas with you. The thoughts and views expressed by the author on this site are personal and are neither endorsed by my employer, MMG, SAP nor represents official MMG communication.


  1. Les Smith · December 17, 2010

    Love the site mate! Great info and insight….


    • Cam · December 17, 2010

      Thanks Les, much appreciated! Stay tuned for further posts 🙂